…I walk into the elevator and turn to hit the 44th floor. As I stand inside, I hear my phone notification go off. I slide my phone out from my pocket and read Susan’s text,

 “Come talk to me, I know I screwed up big time but give me one last chance, or at least for your daughter Julian”.

 I sigh, and silently think to myself there is nothing I can possibly do again, after years of lies and deception just to make Susan the happiest woman in the world yet she still went on to do unspeakable things behind my back. I feel betrayed.

Finally, I get on to my floor and walk towards my apartment. I slide out my room key and unlock the door. I walk inside and break into tears, unable to understand why such a horrid thing would happen to me. Especially after every good deed I’ve done.

My apartment was a little trashed out and I hadn’t done much cleaning this week; an empty yoghurt cup lay below the window and I could spot it on the floor from where I stood at the door. I head towards the double door fridge, open it and pick out a crisp beer and then it hits me that my best friend had gotten me bourbon on my 33rd birthday just last week. I furiously close the fridge and walk towards the cocktail cabinet, open it and pick out my dearest bourbon and a glass. I pour till it reaches a quarter of the glass and take a sip of the bourbon as I walk towards the glass windows and stare into the night sky. I look beyond me and the city looks beautiful with a million cars that show the dazzling lights.

I open the windows to get some fresh air as I finish my bourbon and beat myself up as I think of what I could possibly have done wrong. I can feel the burning sensation on my throat from the bourbon and my body starts to heat up and all I can think of in that moment is ending my life because after all, what do I have to live for?

I look back at the kitchen unit and spot the sharp knife I had used in the morning to make myself a sandwich before heading out to surprise Susan. I am tempted to use it but a warm voice on my right tells me “It’s not worth it Tom” but the voice on my left protests and I decide to go against the voice on my right. I grin as I walk towards the kitchen counter.


I slide on some of the yoghurt spilled on the floor and stumble as I try to get hold of something, but I fail and stumble backwards, falling out of the window! How on earth did I manage to fall out of the window out of all the places I can possibly imagine!

“Shit”! In a split second, BAM! I’m on the ground. Black out! My brain is probably splashed out like spaghetti.

*let us know what you think. Your comments will be very useful*

(Coming on Wattpad soon!)

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