Again – Part 2

I snap out of my dream! I’m sweating like I had been running on a treadmill for hours. My dream was so vivid…

I snap out of my dream! I’m sweating like I had been running on a treadmill for hours. My dream was so vivid, I can literally remember every single detail and my head is still aching. Better yet my nightmare and I feel extremely exhausted. I sit up as I try to freshen up and take a sip of water from the bottle on my night stand.

I lay back in bed, and watch the fan on the ceiling whirl. I try to think about the nightmare because it doesn’t seem to add up at the moment. I’m still confused.

My thoughts drift off to the time I spent with Susan, yesterday. I stay in bed a little longer and forget about the dreadful nightmare I just went through. Instead, I start to reminisce about every single detail that occurred yesterday and I just find myself smiling like an idiot I have always been.

My 5am alarm goes off! “Sssuch a bummer.” I stutter and groan. I feel so irritated because I was starting to doze off in my warm blankets. Winter has just started “about a week now” so for the past few days I have been literally dragging myself out of bed.

I snooze my alarm for at least 10 minutes. I just need 10 more minutes. Just 10…

As soon as I shut my eyes, my alarm goes off once again! I wake up with a mini heart attack, then turn my phone to see the time “5:10am, woo! That’s a relief.” I sigh, and start to contemplate whether it’s really worth it to get out of bed this early.

Damn it!

I remember the plans I have with my best friend, Frank. I have no choice but to get out of bed. I plan to go check out my wedding suit 2 months in advance.

I quickly take a shower and have a bowl of oats for breakfast. As I have my scrumptious oats with yoghurt, sliced bananas and strawberries on the side, I scroll down my Instagram news feed and slide through other apps on my phone, just to keep myself occupied. My apartment gets really lonely sometimes, if only I lived with Julian and Susan but that’s going to be over soon. After devouring my breakfast, I drop my bowl into the sink, grab my car key and bolt out.

No words can even describe how I feel right now. The moment I have been waiting for, to finally be able to live with Susan and Julian. I am finally going to live with Susan. This is it! Right after her graduation from medical school, her parents will grant my permission for her hand in marriage.

I drive about 30 minutes, roads are quite clear and everything seems to be going as planned. I pull up at Suitsupply and park my car right next to Franks.

I notice the bastard is still sitting in his car, he rolls down his window and yells, “you’re always late! What’s wrong with you?” He looks pretty annoyed at me but I just brush it off.

 “C’mon mate, there was traffic jam,” I lie to him.

Frank smirks, “Well, it’s about time to turn you into the man you’ve always wanted to be.”

I grin.

We get out of our cars and head towards the shop, Suitsupply.

Advantages of being a regular customer, the owner offered to open the shop at our convenience. We are immediately assisted by a young lady. It takes roughly an hour choosing a suit and by the time we are done we head for work, separately.

It’s about 4pm, and I’m beat up. Literally. All I want right now is my Susan. I try calling her several times but there is no answer, so I just leave her a text, ‘Hey babe, I’m coming over.’

2 hours on the road, because of an “actual traffic jam,” unlike this morning. I arrive at Susan’s place, and pull out on the drive way. I immediately spot Susan approaching my car and I instantly get out and head for a hug. I give her a hug I have been craving to give her the entire day, then she whispers into my ears, “I’m in love with a surgeon from my work place and I didn’t know how to tell you this whole time,” and she storms AWAY.

I’m left puzzled as I try to process what I just heard. I nod my head, this can’t be it and run after her. “SUSAN! COME BACK! COME TALK TO ME!” I cry out, trying to get hold of myself.

Susan makes it to her front door and a handsome gentleman opens the door for her. We briefly make eye contact and I immediately freeze.

Just at that moment, my whole world literally falls apart. My head starts spinning round and round as darkness fills me. I feel like I’m suffocating in agonizing pain. I feel like I’m running out of breath, so I start to fight for every little breath I can manage to gasp but I’m drowning. A strange feeling hits me so HARD! I can feel the world closing in on me and the sky starts to darken.

Deja vu.

(Coming Next Susan’s POV)

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