Again – Part 3

Courtesy of Society19

2 years later…

I am sipping lemon tea from a broken mug right at the brim whilst I stand over the balcony and enjoy the beautiful sunrise, but I cannot be bothered enough as I have more pressing issues to handle like my bills and rent that is overdue. I lost my job 6 months ago and I have not seemed to show any interest in finding one after suffering deep depression and heart break from my previous life.

I reminisce about all the times I told myself I would start saving or invest the excess money that remained after paying all the bills and buying all the necessities. This was back then, when I earned 5 figures a month and could afford the most lavish lifestyle. I chuckle, and continue to sip my tea as my thoughts drown deep down into the abyss.

It is exactly 2 years since I saw Susan and my daughter. I begin to sob as I think of both of them. My thoughts just cannot seem to be satisfied yet, after all these months. I occasionally run into Susan’s Instagram post, and I should admit she looks happy with her new partner and of course my daughter but I cannot get close to them anymore, after I received a restraining order.

Maybe. Just maybe this is the right time to move on and start a new life. Sigh, I look down the road from my balcony to watch little kids play on the streets, garbage collection truck pass by and everyone just getting along with their day-to-day activities. ‘What have I become?’ I started to question myself. My phone suddenly rings, the caller ID displays ‘Frank.’ Damn, I have not talked to him in a long time, what could he possibly want right now.

I am quite hesitant to pick up the call. Three calls later, I finally accept the call. “Hey Frank, I was taking a shower and I just got out to find your missed calls. What’s up, how you doing?” I lie to him. Frank replies with rather a content tone, “ITS ALL GOOD MY BROTHER. IM AT WORK RIGHT NOW BUT I WANT TO TELL YOU TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL, THERE IS A VACANCY AT INTERNATIONAL SECRET AGENCY YOU EARLIER ASKED ABOUT. I’LL COME OVER YOUR PLACE AFTER WORK.”

‘Could this be the only time I am able to secure a job’ I think to myself. I quickly get back inside my apartment, leaving my quarter filled mug of lemon tea.  Rush to my laptop, switch it on and immediately log into my Gmail account. The first email I read, right at the top is “International Secret Agency Recruitment”

Oooh yes! I rub my hands together with my smirk face cause at this point I cannot even contain my happiness. I start working on my application whilst my mind flashes back on the time the Director of International Secret Agency approached me back in 2008.

The director Jamie had personally approached me after serving the army back in 2008. I once worked on high level missions with partnered government agencies on several projects when Jamie casually approached me and said “I would like you to work for us, with your proficient set of skills, we would be glad to have a man like you on our team.” That is as far as I can recall but I confidently denied the offer back, because I did not think things would ever go South.

Once I finish putting my application together, I skim through the whole email one more time and click preview on my application just to have a feel of it. “I guess this is it!” my face lit up as I imagine how my life will finally chance once I am accepted to be an agent. It’s a good thing I had once served in the army for three years. I suppose my time in Iran and Iraq will come as a great deal to this application and having served as a sergeant major, that should be able to get me an advantage over other applicants.

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