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Boxed inside the same place, we have come to learn that the world has really evolved to become a global village, from the South Pole to the North Pole, our lives are somewhat interlinked, with actions from one side of the world affecting someone else at the other end of the world. I could begin from a wider angle of this theoretical philosophy but that will only summarize the whole reason why I am writing this article. That will only remove the seasoning from this great piece I am about to put together. Henceforth, I will be beginning from a small aspect that may eventually cover a bigger scope or maybe not. Let us find out together! I may have to warn you before we embark on this journey, “DO NOT GET TOO THRILLED” on what is ahead of this journey. It may not turn out the way you had expected it to, bursting your bubble. Now, you may give me all your attention, and this will be over soon.

Pandemic Outbreak – 2020

The government officials had addressed the nation about the various measures the mass ought to take into consideration in response to the virus that had appeared out of nowhere and brought the whole world into a standstill, affecting everyone’s life, regardless on how rich or poor you were, from the most power man in the world to the least. Every. Single. Person. Was. Affected.

However, the government could not control everyone’s life on whether they followed the directives of the government or any authorized medical organizations.

Jakes Perspective

‘Damn. I really needed to go visit Blake this spring break’ he thought to himself as he watched the president address the nation on the regulations the country will follow in the next 21 days, in order to curb the increase of cases and the spread of this contagious virus, with no cure. But Jake was too stubborn to adhere to these regulations, after all, he had planned for this trip since last year, and he had looked forward to “2020” to be his year, the year he explores more and become open to more thrilling and mind blowing adventures and he was not going to experience all this alone, but with his best friend Blake.

Jake quickly grabbed his phone off the charger and searched for “Blake” through his contacts. A moment later, he was connected to Blake, “Dude, are you seeing the news right now?? A lockdown in 48hours all of a sudden?” he anxiously asked Blake as he impatiently waited on what whether he was still up for the plan of not.

“Yeah bro! it’s crazy but I hope you were not thinking of pulling out there, ‘cause we have been waiting for this moment for too long.” Blake enthusiastically replied.

“I’d be damned.” Jake grinned.

The following morning, Jake was all buckled up and ready to embark for his adventure, without putting into consideration the directives that had been set.

He took a taxi just outside his house, and headed for the train station, to make it for the last train that would take him to West Nio. Before Jake could know, he had already contracted the virus the moment he stepped outside his house and opened the taxi. The virus was from the previous taxi customer, but its not like anyone could see the virus.

23 minutes later

Jake handed the driver $8 and told him to keep the change, unfortunately the driver became a victim too. Jake carried the virus 500 miles with.

Thomas’ perspective

Now let’s look at Thomas, for all we know he’s a hard-working husband earning an average of $65 after all expenses are deducted. This is what Thomas takes home to his 4 children and wife. Looking at his own situation, Thomas had not option but to disobey the regulations and go on with his daily routine – his taxi business. Now let’s jump into Thomas’ daily routine.

Just before he leaves the train station, he spots a couple in search of taxi and he drives quickly to make it right in front of them before any other driver in search of customers got to them first.

The car screeches right in front of the couple as they are caught off guard by the screeching of the taxi tired. Thomas pulls his passenger window and hails at them, “Where you heading? Get in.”

“To the airport! 15 minutes, our flight leaves in the next 30 minutes,” the man impatiently replied. “Yhup. I get in quick!” Thomas called out.

The couple was more cautious about the current pandemic, so as soon as they go inside the taxi, they sanitized their hands and got comfortable. As they drove fast, to make it on time for their flight, Thomas tried to make small take with the couple. “So where are you travelling to, during this time?” curiously asked Thomas, the lady replied this time but they weren’t really up for any small talk, they were rather stressed out on whether they would make it in time for their flight ‘cause if they missed this flight, they would be stuck I Nenwentsham for the next 21 days or more. Nonetheless, the lady replied, “We are going back to Africa, and we are so elated, having lived here because of work.”

12 minutes later

Thomas pulls off in front of the departure entrance and the man handles Thomas $20 and waits for change as his wife gets out and prepares their bags, ready to sprint in for check-in. The man is handed back his change, and some of the notes are from the money that Thomas had earlier collected from Jake – its infected but none of them can know this because?

 “Yes, you that right.”

Thomas quickly drives off from the departure, as soon as the couple sprint inside the airport to catch up with the last flight to their final destination.

45 minutes later

The couple made it for their flight and are now comfortable in their seats.

To be continued…

[NOTE: All names and places in this article are fictional, however, the current situation still remains an important and serious problem that the world is facing today. Henceforth, this is not to cause panic or spread of false information but address the reader about the dos and don’ts]

[I wish everyone health, patience, and strength during this difficult time that everyone is facing. Please keep in touch with your friends and families! Via flexibility and open communication and adhere to the regulations provided by officials in your respective countries.

But — please prioritize the health and safety of yourselves, and others in your community, always.]

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