Dominoes Part 2

Our Daily Catch’s Message: Stay Safe, Stay Home

Couples Perspective

Now let’s meet Pete and Amina. Pete is an American and Amina is of African origin but they permanently live in one of the African countries. Due to the current pandemic problem, they think they are better off, in a place they will be more comfortable both financially and their well-being.

Pete gently gets hold of Amina’s hand, the same hand that had earlier contracted the virus from Thomas, is now making its way to Africa with a population of 1.216 billion people.

16 hours 53 minutes later

This is after several interactions with people inside the plane, Pete and Amina finally get off, to meet their friends and family awaiting their arrival. They will have to go through all the check points before making it to the arrivals.

At this point, they would have interacted with so many people who are not yet even aware about the deadly and infectious virus.

Stepping Out

Pete and Amina make their way out of the plane, with everyone else rushing to be first, so they can check out their luggage and make it out of the airport before everyone else on the plane. One may think, people are racing for some sort of reward at the end of the finish line. How could I forget, some passengers are connecting flights and need to disembark quickly, so they can make it for the next flight.

But not Pete and Amina who casually step out of the flight, carrying the virus on them. They make their way to immigration, where they have their passports stamped by an officer behind the desk who had happily welcomed the two back into the country and had already been infected the moment, he held those two passports.

Now, every passenger that followed behind Pete and Amina were new victims or targets of the virus. Not to forget the transit passengers that walked behind the couple in the plane as they made their way through the aisle.

Pete and Amina finally make it out of the airport and are welcomed by their friends and family right at the exit. The moment is so beautiful as everyone tries to get a hug from the two, accompanied with handshakes and kisses. By the time all this was completed, everyone was infected. At least we now know the couple did not come empty handed.

2 Weeks Later

The country had recorded its first Covid patient, but without a clue of how to trace it because this patient has never travelled out of the country before and the people that got affected fell ill without knowing what was actually affecting them. By the time the nation was announcing information about the virus, it was too late.

“At the end of the day, if one sits and analyses how one person’s decision can affect an entire humanity, they may reconsider their choices.”

Now, let us trace down the storyline.

If Jake had not decided to continue with his trip, he would not have gotten out of his house to board the taxi that was carrying the virus. This same taxi would not have drove to the train station and the couple may not have been picked up by the affected taxi. They would have probably boarded one, that was virus free and they would have flown to Africa without the virus. All the people the couple met during the trip to the other part of the world would not have been affected by the virus.

[NOTE: All names and places in this article are fictional, however, the current situation still remains an important and serious problem that the world is facing today. Henceforth, this is not to cause panic or spread of false information but address the reader about the dos and don’ts]

[I wish everyone health, patience, and strength during this difficult time that everyone is facing. Please keep in touch with your friends and families! Via flexibility and open communication and adhere to the regulations provided by officials in your respective countries.

But — please prioritize the health and safety of yourselves, and others in your community, always.]

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