Dear World

I took you for granted when you were around

I wasted all those beautiful days and nights locked up in my room

I spent more time glued to my screen than admiring your beauty

I never knew how much I would crave for you until today

I am now locked up in my room without an option of seeing you

Now that I am denied the access to loosen my wings and roam the world

I reminisce of the few times I got the chance to spend time with you

If I could go back in time, I promise I would spend it out with you

Caring and nurturing you and all the plants, seas and skies of the world

But now, it hurts to see you shut down from humanity

I now see you healing from all the damage I made onto your fruitful soil

The waters I polluted without any second thoughts nor remorse

And all the damage that my ancestors made to your rich land

I hope you heal soon, as I watch you from a distance

Until then, I wish you well.

16 replies on “Dear World”

Very touching. Its time we start appreciating what we have before its too late. Lets live health by keeping our environment clean.


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