Malawi We Want

It has been decades since our nation gained independence from our colonial masters. Our leaders led us through the right path of freedom so we could be born free from the rusted chains of slavery. Free from minority rule and for this we will forever be indebted and grateful. 

It is now time for the youth to move upwards on the ranks of leadership and change our nation into the millennium age that most African countries have achieved over the past decades. It is time to put the youth in governmental positions and to run for office. 

Our leaders should now give us the chance to express ourselves and put our innovative and fresh minds to good use, before they are worn out. Many of us have decided to hustle on the same streets that our fore fathers fought the white men so we could have “a thing of our own” but most of us have been failed not because we are incompetent. We are capable of achieving greatness, but because we have not been given a chance to showcase the gifts that we possess. We remain unemployed day after day and engage on the daily hustle; running around on our streets for some meagre wages to survive. 

Give us a chance to have a dialogue between the “Youth and our leaders” so we can be able to understand each other, give reasons to one another, on why the “old leaders” should still be in power. Help us help you.

It is not greed that keeps most of our leaders in power, it is the fear of not being employed. After being in power for more than a decade one becomes sentimental to the position and the fear of not being employed, makes them think of how they will take care of their families. Every employed mother and father in any profession can testify to this hinder. 

Well, fear not great ones, the millennials are not as ignorant as you are and it is our duty to take care of the elderly. I believe if given a chance, the Malawian youth will be able to showcase what will amaze the rest of the world, including our very own forefathers. Malawi is on the right path today and has shown that the people hold the power to any government. This is just the beginning of a new era and the youth of Malawi are prepared to work towards greatness.

If we can take the initiative today, like Rwanda has managed to do, I promise you that we will become the nation that every boy child and girl child has always dreamt of. 

I am constantly flabbergasted by the innovations and development Rwanda has ascertained over the past few years. Today, Rwanda has prime education; they have taken education to a different level and have gone to point of giving 1 free laptop per school child…this is unprecedented in Africa if not in the whole world. It also has Africa’s best judiciary and the youngest group of ministers. Upon looking closely at their fast growing economy, you can then conclude that the young ministers are very effective in terms of building the country, I am not defying the old ministers and leaders we already have in place, the point I am trying to raise is the youth should be given a chance to exercise their energetic leaderships skills, so as to keep up with the fast paced world. As the saying goes, “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.” It is time Malawi decides to move forward and give the youth a chance to change our beloved nation and this will all be possible with the new government. 


We should be able to learn from each other, as well as help each other. If every time we need help, we seek it from the Western countries, then it will be very difficult for all us to succeed and work together. I know very well with the regions we have today, we already help each other in terms of military needs, and economic aid, but we can do more by learning from countries that are achieving in some aspects, more like how a typical student with problems in mathematics will approach a fellow colleague who performs very well in that particular subject. With this practice, it will be a great initiative to include the youth that are ready and eager to fill in these governmental positions. Believe me, we have a lot to give back to the community, this is because we are patriotic and passionate about our motherland. Let us benchmark together and rise together as one nation.

To round off this write up, I would love to talk about nepotism. Nepotism has been practiced for centuries now, and it does no good to the society. In most cases you find the people chosen to run these posts are impotent. This is because someone in a high position decided to give a certain governmental position to his brother or uncle – this only takes the nation backwards. Whilst people capable of doing an effective job are unemployed, with their useful skills rotting away. Nepotism should be condemned in all fields of work, if we all want to succeed. The people that support and participate in nepotism should sit back and think, “what if this person I have favoured with this position may have been better off in another field?” I have seen great companies fall due to incompetent people running it with corruption and greediness to fatten just a few people’s pockets 

This same note also applies to tribalism. Yes! This has been a significant hindrance to a lot of people across the nation and Africa as continent. We fail to think of ourselves as one people, because at the end of the day, Africa is one so is Malawi. But if we do not see this today, then “I am sorry.” We will never progress as one. 

United we stand, divided we fall. It is up to us to decide how the Malawian future will turn out to be for the girl child and boy child. These are very minor things we brush off every day of our lives, but they do mean a lot and they can surely change the course of the Malawian future. 

If Rwanda can do it, then Malawi and the whole African continent can do it. 

 _No one of us is as Strong as All of Us Together! _ 

-Abdullah R. Juma

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