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It is a beautiful day at the park, with my daughter and Jonny. We have been together for two years, and I am just patiently waiting for him to ask me to marry him. As the afternoon sun scorches us. Sitting on our picnic cloth, I watch Jonny play with Susan from a distance, and they seem to get along so well. Even better than the relationship she had with her own father, Tom.

[I guess this is because he was never home, for us. It felt like Tom was married to his job and we always came second on his priority list]

This only makes me the happiest woman alive because I have everything I ever wanted. He looks so content with her, like she is his own daughter and that is what brings me more happiness. ‘Tomorrow will mark our 2-year anniversary,’ this pops up in my head and gives me even more reason to be merry. “Susan! Come join us.” Jonny shouts out from a distance as he playfully tickles Julian.

I get up from the cloth that we lay down on the well-cut grass, which when we arrived, I swore it looked like a green carpet that had been perfectly rolled down – it has always been the little things that make me fascinated. I run downhill, leaving our picnic leftovers on the grass and join my family. ‘I have not felt this kind of happiness in a long time and it just feels so genuine and pure’ Susan thinks to herself as her mind runs through all the beautiful moments she has recently experienced with Jonny.

Time flies by as I spend some quality time with my family. By the time it is sunset, we had already packed our leftovers and blankets and were ready to leave for home. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, I noticed a black sedan also pulling out and this was the same sedan that had been parked in the parking lot the entire time we were at the park. It bothered me that no one had stepped out of the car. However, I brush it off my mind and feel my eyes get heavy. I suddenly pass out into a deep nap, after all the activities I had done today, I think I deserved more than just a nap. Julian kept Jonny company as he drove us back home.

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