Through the Lenses

Courtesy of Australian Writers’ Center

Showing the explicit fixation of the nifty horizon through my megapixel lenses, made the sunset to be the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. If I could spend every minute of my life riding on this cruise and staring at the sunset, trust me I would. I captured this beautiful moment, so I could upload it onto my blog and showcase it to the world, because I knew there were more people who would appreciate this kind of beauty. After taking my amazing snaps, I went right back to the dining area where exotic food was being served by the finest chefs, on the buffet menu were some fruits freshly cut and displayed, my mouth was already salivating from the moment I set eyes on the table, I hurriedly joined the line to get served and the first meal I started with was some fine diced pineapples and sliced watermelons. I kept on going back for more fruits, that I forgot about the main meal and stopped keeping score of the number of times I went back, these fruits were just utterly amazing and scrumptious.

We sailed into the night, and the lights on the ship were later lit by the cabin crew. The gigantic ship was dazzling with lights like a city in the night. I carefully picked a position I could sit and relax as music played from a live band. However, I had misjudged the position I had picked, it was not the best of all places, because I constantly felt sprinkles of water from the ocean, as the waves strengthened, and the moon became clearer. I was forced to switch sides, and go to the other side of the boat, where they had umbrellas that protected people from the sprinkles that were formed by the harsh waves.  I enjoyed the rest of the evening, without any interruptions. Once I was too exhausted and felt my eyes become heavy, I decided to head to my room.

The rooms were quite tiny, but the aesthetics were so beautiful. They gave a beach house vibe which only made more sense since we were on the ocean. I washed down and got dressed up for bed, at this point all I was wishing for was to lay in bed. As I reached out for my bedsheets to open them up and get inside, a bug fell and I panicked because that was the last thing I expected to see, especially for a tiny place like this. I immediately stamped the bug and rapidly went through the bedsheets incase they were more bugs on the bed. I fortunately did not find anything else.

 I retired to bed and woke up at dawn. I was presented by another opportunity of viewing the sunrise, which was equally as beautiful as the sunset and I had enough time to take pictures of this beautiful view just before the boat stopped on the shore.

[This short story is inspired by the picture above and had to begin with the letters “SHO”. It also had to include the key words score, slice sprinkle, stamp and switch]

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NB: Fictional short stories and educational articles are encouraged]

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